The new toy has sliced through the internet, much like the meat on its charcuterie board.


Fisher-Price debuted a new toy recently and boy, they were probably not expecting the resulting controversy. In internet parlance, it definitely escalated quickly with segments and write-ups appearing on national and affiliate news stations across the country.

But what is this toy? What could garner such attention, so much of it negative, so quickly? Sexist or racist marketing? Something physically dangerous for children? Defective or mislabeled parts?

Nope. It's a charcuterie board.

The new product features faux marble plates and a wooden cutting board complete with fabric napkins, toy grapes, salami, cheese, and crackers. Which all seems very harmless. The controversy arose because social media users had opinions, as we so often do. People claim the product is "snooty, too hipster-ish, and too high-brow."

Twitter users did not hold back. "Apparently, Fisher-Price has a plastic snooty cheese plate," tweeted one user.

"For the toddler on your list who won’t stop babbling about the culture in Barthelona, may we suggest: the Fisher Price [sic] charcuterie set,' quipped another user.

Not everyone thought the toy was too fancy for toddlers, though, with plenty of people commenting that they would love the toy for their future children. And the fact remains, if a charcuterie board is too fancy or elitist, then maybe it's time to pack up the toy smartphones, Hotwheels Lambos, and red-soled dress-up shoes, too.