This vintage Fisher-Price toy is sure to make any child—and kid at heart alike—race to the nearest toy aisle. And it's also not the only nostalgic toy the brand has released this month.

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Fisher-Price Chatter Telephone
Credit: Courtesy of Fisher-Price

Hello? Your childhood called and it wants its telephone back. In celebration of Fisher-Price's Chatter Telephone, the brand just released an updated, fully functional version that will work hand-in-hand with your iPhone.

Hold the phone-work with your iPhone? Yes, you did in fact read that right. Although the Chatter Telephone does not have a FaceTime feature, nor the ability to download apps, you are able to make and take calls via Bluetooth (with the help of the iconic red handset and rainbow rotary dial, of course).

With "60G LTE," (a.k.a, 60 Great years, Let's Talk Everywhere) Bluetooth technology, you can connect your existing phone with the one that you used in a world before emojis and AirDrop. While FaceTime and all your favorite apps are instead replaced with a rainbow array of colors and a rotary dial, the Chatter Telephone is sure to bring feelings of nostalgia to the surface.

Fisher-Price Chatter Telephone
Credit: Fisher-Price

To buy: The Chatter Telephone,, $60.

That's not all: Fisher-Price is on a (rock 'n') roll with new toy releases that came out earlier in October, including a Little People Collector Rolling Stones set. Make like Mick and be sure that you're living up to the phrase "work hard, play hard," with this limited edition collection.

The fun doesn't stop there. Your children are learning valuable life lessons from Little Golden Books, but lessons on laughter, sarcasm, and fashion sense can be taught through Little People The Golden Girls set. Complete with each of the four girls and their impeccable outfits, this set is likely to round out the lesson on lifelong friendships.

A final collection including figures representing Dr. Maya Angelou, Amelia Earhart, Rosa Parks, and Sally Ride, hope to live up to Fisher-Price's mission to "spark empowering play." Each heroine within the Little People Collector Inspiring Women set aims to "inspire current and future generations," prime for partnering passion and play.

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