Does it get cuter than a firefighter on daddy duty pampering his baby girl? We think not.

By Libby Ryan
August 22, 2019
baby spa day
Credit: Courtesy of Jimmy Howell

This viral video of a dad giving his baby daughter a pedicure will refresh your need for some R&R without even needing a trip to the spa. Jimmy Howell put his daughter, Kensley, in her high chair and set to work getting her nails clipped.

"Weekly spa talks with my baby girl, she got a little crazy with me today due to the fact that I was filing her nails a little too rough," the dad captioned the video on Instagram. "Y’all see why I can’t do anything for free, I’m charging her next week, just watch."

"Get comfortable, girl. Relax," Howell tells the baby in the video as he gets ready to clip her nails. The video has received more than 11,000 likes on Instagram. Howell, who is a New York City firefighter, has also done full-on spa photoshoots for Kensley and the results are adorable.

Howell has also posted videos teaching baby Kensley how to do pushups, so if she's not sold on the spa life, there could be a future in firefighting for the little girl.