We asked our readers to share the inspiring projects their families are creating during social distancing and the results are incredible.

By Kristi Pahr
April 28, 2020

If there’s one good thing that’s come from social-distancing and self-isolation it’s definitely the street art that’s taken neighborhoods across the country by storm. Colorful, creative, and just downright amazing chalk drawings are popping up on sidewalks everywhere and we love to see it. Families are decorating sidewalks, driveways, and windows in an attempt to show solidarity with their neighbors and spread a little joy during these stressful times. 

Here are some of our favorites from Parents.com readers across the U.S., sending messages to anyone in need of some hope.

1. This family reminds us to look forward to our post-pandemic rainbow.

Credit: Courtesy Donna Jacobs Ross

2. And remember to smile.

Credit: Courtesy Adriana-Benitez

3. One family made their own Cinderella story.

Credit: Courtesy Amber Surette

4. Another created a giant toadstool.

Credit: Courtesy Amy Bruce-Stevens

5. One family made their window into the Wizarding World.

Credit: Courtesy Amy Bruce-Stevens

6. This stained glass heart window gives us hope.

Credit: Courtesy Amy Cole Schmachtenberger

7. And another poses the question on everyone's mind these days.

Credit: Courtesy Becky Lynn

8. We should follow Elsa's advice on this one, folks.

Credit: Courtesy Becky Lynn

9. Listen to Yoda, "Stay home, you must."

Credit: Courtesy Becky Lynn

10. This home is sending patriotic love.

Credit: Courtesy Cassie Just

11. And a little unicorn snuggle is always good for the soul.

Credit: Courtesy Katya Mary Valluzzo

12. This sidewalk has a hint of danger!

Credit: Courtesy Katya Mary Valluzzo

13. We are looking forward to some sweet summer treats.

Credit: Courtesy Katya Mary Valluzzo

14. And we're loving all the DIY stained glass.

Credit: Courtesy Mollee Marie Delaney

15. Pongo and Perdita will definitely keep us smiling.

Credit: Courtesy Whitney Watts

16. All in all, these drawings are full of the message we need right now.

Credit: Courtesy Kristin Johnson Laine


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