Ezpz is teaming up with Sesame Street to bring Elmo and Cookie Monster to a kitchen near you on May 15. 

Ezpz Elmo Placemat
Credit: Ezpz + Sesame Workshop

May 10, 2019

Calling all Sesame Street lovers! Mealtime favorite dishware brand Ezpz teamed up with the famous kids’ crew to create a two-in-one plate and placemat that will make dinner more enjoyable for the whole fam.

These Sesame Street mats are “A” for absolutely adorable. The all-in-one design means you can serve your kiddo their favorite foods in the shape of Elmo and Cookie Monster faces—or even keep picky eaters happy with separate compartments for different flavors. But the mats are also a parents’ best friend for clean table goals.

This fun collaboration is part of Sesame Street's 50th-anniversary celebration—in addition to collaborating with Ezpz, Sesame Workshop also has products coming out with Lauren Moshi, Milk Snob, Baked by Melissa, and Paul & Joe. 


Ezpz Cookie Monster
Credit: Ezpz+ Sesame Workshop

Since the kid-friendly brand launched in 2014, Ezpz placemats and plates have become a household staple for families with not-so-tidy eaters. Kids are fans of the fun designs and parents love that they’re made with silicone because it’s safe, easy to clean, and practical. The silicone mats stick to smooth surfaces like high chairs or tables, making it difficult for little hands to tip over a bowl and make a mess. In addition to limiting the mealtime madness, dishing out dinner on these plates can help foster fine motor skills and encourage self-feeding.

You can find the Ezpz and Sesame Street collaboration on Ezpzfun.com/seasame-street for $19.99 starting May 15. Whether you’ve got a baby who’s into mashing his sweet potatoes with his bare hands or a toddler who’s known to knock over her plate, these funny-faced mats are sure to be a hit.