Oversized strollers and stroller wagons won’t be allowed in the parks starting next month.
Family with stroller
Credit: Aleksandr4300/Shutterstock

April 1, 2019

If you’re planning a Disney trip on May 1 or later, you might not be able to bring your stroller from home into the parks. Strollers larger than 31 inches wide and 52 inches long won’t be permitted, according to Disney’s recent announcement.

What’s more, stroller wagons will be banned altogether. “These updates are intended to provide a more enjoyable experience for everyone who visits by, among other things, easing guest flow and reducing congestion,” Disney said in a statement.

Len Testa, co-author of the "Unofficial Guide to Walt Disney World," believes they’re a proactive measure to combat the large crowds expected when Star Wars: Galaxy Edge opens in Disneyland on May 29 and Walt Disney World on August 31.






Strollers allowed in Disney parks

So will your stroller make the cut? Most single and double strollers will fall within the guidelines. Three-passenger strollers will likely be too large to bring. If you have three young kids who will need to be in a stroller at the same time, you might have to split them up and use a double and a single stroller. Don’t own these? You could borrow from a friend or rent a stroller from a company like Orlando Stroller Rentals or Kingdom Strollers that will deliver it to your hotel.  Renting from an outside company will likely be cheaper than renting directly from Disney if you’re staying for at least several days.

On May 1, Disney will also ban smoking in the theme and water parks, removing the designated smoking areas that are currently in place. Loose and dry ice will no longer be allowed in coolers. “When people take something out of a cooler, it's possible for a couple of ice cubes to fall out too. That creates a slip-and-fall hazard,” notes Testa. “With all of the people coming into the parks, Disney wants to minimize that.” Keep your food and drinks cool with reusable ice packs instead.