Fit for your stroller, purse, or any small space, each disposable pack of Dwypers offers a diaper, a 5-pack of wipes, a disposable bag, and even a poly-backed changing mat.

By Lauren Pardee
October 05, 2018
Credit: Courtesy of Dwypers

There is nothing discreet about diaper bags with their bulky build that always manages to get in the way. Plus, everything seems to spill out while your hands are occupied by your baby, a pacifier, a toy, and definitely that little sock that just won’t stay on. If this sounds like just another day to you, we are happy to introduce a product that alleviates all this stress. Dwypers is the newest diaper changing kit to hit the market—and the smallest, too. Everything you need fits into your pocket, no problem. Each disposable pack offers a diaper, a 5-pack of wipes, a disposable bag, and even a poly-backed changing mat for easy accessibility and ideal on-the-go convenience.

Invented by Allison Gordon, a working mother-of-two (of course!) with an engineering degree, this product is built with convenience in mind to fit in any clutch, car console, or stroller caddy so parents don’t have to sacrifice style or comfort.

Of course, we can’t just use any products on our baby's soft, easily irritated skin. Gordon ensures that these diapers are designed for sensitive skin with an elastic waist, wetness indicator, and fabric-like feel. The wipes are also made with sensitive skin in mind thanks to the all-natural ingredients.

Even for the mom who loves her diaper bag and all that comes with it, having these stashed around the house, car, and stroller seems like a pretty fool-proof move. You can purchase Dwypers in stores or online in five and 10 packs. For those who can’t get enough, you can sign up for a subscription plan and receive a 5 pack for every month.


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