The Elf family is growing this holiday season so Santa can have even more little helpers in your home.

The holidays are here and nothing says festive cheer quite like a good, old-fashioned holiday debate. Whether it’s Merry Christmas vs Happy Holidays, the design on your favorite coffee shop franchise’s cup, or whether your in-laws buy your kids too many toys, there is nothing that divides the holiday-celebrating populace quite like Elf on the Shelf.

Elf on a shelf baby
Credit: Courtesy of My Magical Moments

Adored and reviled in equal measure, this new-fangled Christmas staple is here to stay. Eschewed by some as creepy, privacy-invading, or normalizing surveillance culture, Santa’s spies are out in force, invading your living room and your newsfeed. These mischief-loving miscreants are, ostensibly, sent from the North Pole by the big man himself to keep an eye on your kids and report back to Santa with behavior updates leading up to Christmas morning. 

Elf on a Shelf and babies
Credit: Courtesy of My Magical Moments

Regardless of how you feel about the ubiquitous elf, this year he definitely got up to something unexpected. Elf babies (yes, elf babies) are now available for purchase in numerous Etsy stores. Your hard-working elf gets to pull double duty—sneaky Santa surveillance and taking care of babies while trying to keep it together at work. We feel for you, Elf.

Elf on a shelf with baby
Credit: Courtesy of My Magical Moments

This Christmas busy-body has been busy, indeed! At least now we know what the elves get up to when the holiday season ends. Whether you’re team elf or team spying-is-bad-even-if-it’s-for-Santa, elf season is a kid-favorite year after year, but whether his kids have the same staying power remains to be seen. Are they too creepy? Perfectly adorable? The jury is still out on just how popular these little bundles of elven joy will be, but there is certainly no shortage of folks who will grow their little elf families this holiday season.