Does Your Child's Astrological Sun Sign Determine if They Will Become a Child Star? This Poll Says Yes

Is your Gemini kid destined to be a TikTok sensation, or could your Scorpio teen be headed for rap stardom? New data from Play Like Mum points to the zodiac signs most likely to become child stars.

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Whether your child beams because they just nailed that TikTok dance or they're pumped that they're making strides in learning how to play the guitar, there's nothing like seeing their dreams take off. And while there are a bazillion ways you can support them in doing just that, it doesn't hurt to know some details about their natal astrology—aka the placement of the sun, moon, and planets when they were born—which can provide insight into their unique strengths.

For example, Leo kids tend to be major lovers of the spotlight while Taurus and Libra children have a particular appreciation for art, beauty, and music. And if you want to know which signs are most likely to become famous for their talents, Play Like Mum, a U.K.-based retailer that specializes in dolls prams and children's play, has now gathered data on that, too.

The site recorded data for over 6,000 child stars, ages 1 to 18 as of February of this year. The group included dancers, stage actors, reality stars, and TikTok celebs. Their mission: figure out which astrological sun sign each type of superstar was most likely to be. Here's what they found:

1. YouTube and TikTok Stars Tend to Be Geminis

Geminis lead the charge as far as the sign most likely to be a kid star, and as it turns out, YouTube and TikTok stars were predominantly born under the sign of the Twins. No surprise there, as the air sign, ruled by Mercury—the planet of communication and technology—is innately comfortable with social media.

2. Models and Instagram Stars Are Cancers and Pisceans

Cancers followed closely behind, and models and Instagram stars were most likely to be born under the sign of the Crab. Ruled by the intuitive moon, it's no surprise kids born under the sensitive water sign are big on the social platform, as the best Instagram posts often appeal to our emotions. No doubt the data showed plenty of Instagram stars were also born under Pisces, another heartfelt water sign.

3. Dancers Were Born Under Taurus

Dancers were most likely to be born under Taurus, the earth sign symbolized by the Bull and ruled by Venus, the planet of beauty and art. Taurus is also quite in tune with all five senses, which makes dance—a lovely combination of music, physicality, and visual art— a natural outlet for them to express themselves. Derek Hough, Fred Astaire, and Lizzo are all Taureans.

4. Family Members of Stars Are Aquarians

Family members of famous child stars are reportedly most often born under the air sign Aquarius, which is community-minded, forward-thinking, and resolute.

5. Movie Stars Are Leos

Leos aren't just the regal ones of the jungle; they also tend to be lovers of the most cinematic level of glamour and attention, which is why the data showed the majority of movie stars were born under the sign of the Lion. Kid stars appear to be following in the footsteps of fellow famous Leos Daniel Radcliffe, JLo, Ben Affleck, and Sandra Bullock.

6. Rappers Are Scorpios

The data found most rappers are Scorpios, an intensely feeling water sign symbolized by the Scorpion and co-ruled by action-oriented Mars and powerful Pluto. Adult rappers include Tyga, Future, and Eve are all Scorps.

7. Pop Singers Are Aries

Lady Gaga and Mariah Carey have blazed a trail as fiery Aries pop singers. Unsurprisingly, kids born under the sign of the Ram, ruled by the planet of action, Mars, make a name for themselves in this field because they're go-getters who want to make their mark in the mainstream.

8. Reality Stars and Stage Actors Are Sagittarians

People born under the fire sign Sagittarius, ruled by Jupiter, the planet of luck and abundance, tend to be natural entertainers. (Just look at Miley Cyrus, Bette Midler, Britney Spears, the list goes on and on.) But according to Play Like Mum's data, as kids, they're most likely to be reality stars and stars of the stage.

9. Virgos, Libras, and Capricorn Are Multi-Talented

While the data didn't show an overwhelming set pattern for the type of stardom these three signs tend to achieve, Virgos are supercommunicators ruled by Mercury (like Gemini), so you could safely assume they'd make their mark on social media. Libras, ruled by beauty-loving Venus, adore making and appreciating art, and Capricorns, ruled by taskmaster Saturn, are hard-working and aim to reach the peak of whatever mountain they set their sights on.

The bottom line: While this data is no doubt fun to check out, it bears noting that everyone has a whole, unique birth chart—versus just one sign—that can help inform their self-expression and professional path. And no matter what that looks like for a child, the goal should always be supporting their truest aspirations, whether those are happening under a spotlight—or not.

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