Just in time to notify Santa, Disney has launched a new princess box subscription service. Trust us: Your little girl won't believe her eyes when she receives a gift from her favorite princess this year. Here's how to sign-up.

November 7, 2018

Disney Princess Enchanted Collection Subscription Box 1
Credit: Courtesy of ShopDisney

Even if you’re starting to feel subscription-box fatigue, you may find yourself swooning over the new Disney Princess Enchanted Collection, the company’s first foray into limited-quantity subscription boxes for kids ages 3 to 10. Starting in early December, the company plans to release six boxes (one every other month) that focus on a single princess. Belle is up first! Ariel, Moana, Jasmine, Aurora, and Cinderella round out the princess lineup for subsequent boxes.

Belle’s box features her yellow ball costume (you select the size from 3 to 9/10), a read-along storybook and CD, princess stickers, and a few surprises. A deluxe version includes all that plus a wand, tiara, and a Chip teacup. Even the box itself is a beauty—the inside flap has a beautiful line drawing that kids can color and a message from Belle about what’s inside and to “dream big.” After the box is delivered, Disney will email you a video greeting from Belle that you can play for your child.

Disney Princess Enchanted Collection Subscription Box 2
Credit: Courtesy of ShopDisney

You can buy a single box for $54.95 (the regular version) or $74.95 (the deluxe); subscribers who commit to multiple boxes pay a bit less. Plus, you’ll receive $10 off $50 coupon for shopdisney.com in every box. If the items in the box were purchased separately, they’d cost about $25 more—and wouldn’t feel as magical. So be sure to alert Santa to the gift idea; you can order now. And hey, Disney, next Christmas, what do you think about putting together a gift box for moms?