These Disney Princesses Are the Best Role Models, According to New Survey

Kids may be spending more time in front of the TV these days, but a recent survey says they're finding positive role models in their Disney faves.

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Who do you think of when it comes to role models for your children? Perhaps a grandparent, aunt, or beloved friend. Well, how about Disney princesses? According to a recent survey, parents say that Disney princesses have the traits they want their kids to possess.

I get it. As a kid, I was obsessed with 1991's Beauty and the Beast. I love that Belle was smart, loved to read, and had a mind of her own. I didn't necessarily consider her a role model when I was that young, but I knew that I liked the type of person she was and wanted to be like that too. She's a Disney princess I'd like my own son to admire now—even if his toddler tantrums sometimes more closely resemble Beast. Turns out, I'm not alone.

More than 2,400 parents were surveyed by to determine how good of a role model select Disney princesses are for their kids. Belle, in fact, was the top choice among 85 percent of parents. Aladdin's Jasmine and The Princess and the Frog's Tiana followed, also ranked high for their intelligence and hard work ethic.

This is how 13 Disney princesses scored according to parents, plus the traits they found most admirable.

1. Belle (Beauty and the Beast): 85 percent

  • Positive character traits: intelligent, environmentally conscious, curious, determined, problem-solver, and charismatic

2. Jasmine (Aladdin) - 81 percent

  • Positive character traits: intelligent, honest, funny, generous, independent and courageous

3. Tiana (The Princess and the Frog) - 77 percent

  • Positive character traits: hardworking, focused, careful, determined, intelligent, and inspiring

4. Pocahontas (Pocahontas), 73 percent

  • Positive character traits: independent, thoughtful, resourceful, nature-lover, driven, and open-minded

5. Ariel (The Little Mermaid), 70 percent

  • Positive character traits: adventurous, funny, curious, kind, innocent and creative

6. Elsa (Frozen), 68 percent

  • Positive character traits: elegant, caring, fierce, graceful, responsible, and curious

7. Moana (Moana), 64 percent

  • Positive character traits: brave, confident, funny, determined, adventurous, and thoughtful

8. Mulan (Mulan), 62 percent

  • Positive character traits: brave, athletic, authentic, determined, funny and risk-taker

9. Cinderella (Cinderella), 59 percent

  • Positive character traits: hopeful, kind, gracious, environmentally conscious, mentally strong, and respectful

10. Snow White (Snow White), 56 percent

  • Positive character traits: kind, enthusiastic, eco-friendly, sociable, optimistic, and caring

11. Aurora (Sleeping Beauty), 51 percent

  • Positive character traits: funny, charming, graceful, optimistic, curious, and eco-friendly

12. Merida (Brave), 48 percent

  • Positive character traits: authentic, confident, driven, resourceful, adventurous, and independent

13. Rapunzel (Tangled), 44 percent

  • Positive character traits: optimistic, energetic, caring, passionate, adventurous, and enthusiastic
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