Deaf Dad on TikTok Shows His Toddler Interpret for Him for the First Time

The heartwarming clip shows a toddler telling her deaf father that a baby is crying in Target.

From walking to potty training, your child is bound to amaze you when they hit milestones. And every family has specific milestones they can't wait to see. For Zachary, a father who is deaf, seeing his hearing daughter Madison interpret for him was a biggie.

The moment was happily captured on video and posted to Zachary's TikTok, under the name @oursignedworld. In the clip, Madison, then 1, drops what she's holding so that she can sign to her dad, "Baby crying." She points to the sound, which her dad can't hear, and he repeats it back to her.

"She dropped what was in her hands, signed 'baby crying' and pointed! This was a WOW moment," Zachary wrote in the caption.

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Not only is it a wow moment, but it's a heartwarming one. TikTokers were blown away by the sweetness.

One commenter wrote, "Smart little girl. She's learning two languages together, connecting the two languages as she interacts in her world. Super toddler!"

Another noted, "This is truly one of the most amazing things I've ever seen."

A third observed, "What an empathetic and beautiful heart she has!"

It's no wonder the video has racked up nearly 38 million views.

In a follow-up post, Zachary showcased Madison's growing command of American Sign Language (ASL), noting that she now uses it to tell him she needs a diaper change. Commenters marveled at her skills.

"I feel like [sign language gives children] so much more ability to communicate before they can even verbalize," wrote one TikToker. "So amazing."

Clearly, the bond between this father and daughter needs no translation.

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