This famous dad's got an "unbridled fondness" for the holiday season and is sharing it with his kids and spreading cheer across Los Angeles in partnership with Amazon Delivering Smiles.

By Jessica Hartshorn
December 05, 2018
Credit: Michael Simon, StarTraks

December 5, 2018

Dax Shepard throws down at the holidays.

"I started decorating the house three weeks ago," he says. "We have illumination that would rival Clark Griswold's. We are all in."

So it's safe to assume the place is lit up? That, Shepard assured, is an understatement: "I'm sure my neighbors can't stand it. It's the kind of house you slow down and stare at, and cause a traffic issue."

Whether or not his wife, Kristen Bell, loves it, their two daughters sure do. "Everytime someone comes over, the girls take them outside. If you stand in an exact spot in the yard, you get the entire scope of the light show," Shepard says. "Everyone has to watch for about 5 minutes before they're free to go about their business."

The duo's youngest daughter, Delta, even asked for lights for Christmas. "She wants her very own strand," says Shepard, who spent a day this week at Children's Hospital Los Angeles, delivering toys to deserving kids that were donated through Toys for Tots via Alexa.

Other gifts on the list for Delta and her sister, Lincoln? "Our kids have mostly been asking for books," Shepard says, "and then grandma just introduced them to Barbie, so now there is interest in Barbie accoutrements."

(We told him that the 2018 Barbie Dreamhouse is awesome and one of our Parents Best Toys!)


Thanks to his partnership with the Amazon Delivering Smiles program, he got to play with a bunch of top toys this week. "I got to give out a little retro Atari game that I kind of wanted to take for myself," Shepard says, adding, "No one took the Princess Anna doll." (Yeah, we doubt that, but okay!)

He remembers his own childhood Christmases fondly. "My mom was a single mom of three who worked fulltime so I don't know that I ever visited Santa, to be honest," Shepard says. "But he came! She spoiled us, which is why I have such a fondness for the holiday. We were on an incredibly tight budget but somehow my mom always pulled out all the stops on that one day of the year, and so I have an unbridled love for Christmas."

Now he's spreading the word about how everyone can spread more love: This year it's easy to give to Toys for Tots through Alexa. "It makes it super easy for anyone who is feeling charitable to donate," Shepard says. "All you have to say is, 'Alexa, donate to Toys for Toys' and then she does all the rest."

You pick from a list of toys, and any toy that you purchase will be matched by Amazon with another, effectively doubling your donation. Many of the suggested toys are $25 or less.

"Most people want to give," Shepard says. "It just took someone to make it easy for people who don't have a lot of time."

Meanwhile, Shepard loved his Amazon day doing "random acts of kindness all over Los Angeles."

"To be benevolent with somebody else's checkbook?" says Shepard. "Who wouldn't want to do that?"


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