Dad's Genius Cereal Hack Lets Him Do Yardwork As His Baby Enjoys a Snack

By incorporating two brilliant items into his lawn care routine, a dad on TikTok is able to look after his child and check off a chore.

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As any parent of a little one knows all to well, multitasking is truly an art form. And finding new ways to handle various tasks at once can be worthy of a major celebration. That's why one dad on TikTok quickly went viral for sharing his trick.

Darcey Bru, a U.K.-based father, recently posted a video in which he shared his genius way for getting yard work done while caring for his baby. "If you have lots to do and you're in charge of watching baby, you need two things," Bru says.

The two things, according to the dad, who posts under the username on TikTok: a baby carrier to wear your child and a necklace made with a string of Cheerios, so they can snack while you tend to your lawn. Bru himself says he uses the "peanut butter chocolate kind."

TikTok users were wild for the idea and Bru's enthusiasm for the hack. One wrote, "Dad level over 1000," while another said, "Productive and creative. Dad wins!!!"

The only hitch: You'll want to steer clear of Cheerios if your child is under 9 months old, according to General Mills. If they've been introduced to solids and are between 4 to 6 months, you could swap out the cereal for another healthy, on-the-go snack.

And no matter what you choose, clearly, the key to taking care of your to-do list is to get inventive like this productive dad.

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