Author Chris Illuminati has been making headlines for his humorous #dadlife commentary, delivered via Post-Its. 

By Maressa Brown
January 29, 2019
Credit: Chris Illuminati

January 29, 2019

For nine years, Chris Illuminati has been sharing his relatable observations about parenthood—all via Post-It notes. On his website Message with a Bottle, he explains that he became a stay-at-home dad back in 2010 when his son was born. (It made sense financially for his wife to continue working as a senior underwriter for an insurance company.) Before leaving him alone for the first time with his son, Illuminati's wife advised the new dad write everything down.

"As a joke (because I've never taken anything in life seriously), I wrote down even the simplest of tasks and pinned it to my bulletin board," Chris explained on his website. "I forgot all about the note. I also forgot to change the baby."

Now, the proud dad of two has compiled hundreds of Post-It notes that document observations on life with kids. Though Illluminati tells he and his wife have since separated, she's a fan of the project. He previously told "She loves the notes. She married me for my sense of humor. She also realizes it's a way to stay sane."

Illuminati's more than 60K Facebook followers and 28.2K Instagram followers love the notes, too, as they can relate to many of the moments and thoughts he shares. 

Here, just several examples of Illuminati's memorable, funny, on-point Post-Its.


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