Dad Shows What Life With His Teen Daughter is Like in Hilarious TikTok

On his TikTok account, dad George Firely regularly imitates his daughter Ava, and parents of teens are cracking up.

Photo: Getty Images. Art Jillian Sellers.

No one ever said raising a teen would be easy, but it sure can be entertaining—a fact proven by dad George Firely who runs the TikTok account Firely2lbi. Firely has been racking up views and views for hilarious clips in which he imitates his daughter Ava who's a big fan of the social media platform and smoothies.

In one that's currently going viral, entitled, "Life with our 13-year-old daughter." The video starts with Firely (as Ava) posing and blowing kisses in front of his device, giving peace signs, and texting. When called by her mom and told that she'll be picked up at 3, Firely replies, "You need to drive Izzy, Addy, George, McSteamy, everyone from Grey's Anatomy basically."

In the next clip, Firely imitates his daughter standing in front of an open fridge doing TikTok dance moves. When asked by her mom, "What are you doing?" she replies, "Making a smoothie!"

Then the dad, still impersonating his teen, lies about stealing a phone charger and calls her mom over and over again Family Guy Stewie-style all while TikTok dancing.

The clip has fellow parents of teens in stitches.

"'Making a smoothayyyy' and the nonstop dancing—my God this is my child!" one commenter wrote.

Another shared, "Change the name to Emily and this is my 13-year-old."

In another clip, Firely impersonates Ava continuously putting her phone on whatever surface possible—a shelf in a drugstore, the back of the family car—to film for TikTok.

But the joke was on Firely when Ava decided to do her best impression of her dad, pointing out that he's doing the dishes, sleeping with his CPAP and an Edmonton Oilers jersey over his head, raving about rugby, etc.

Cheers to this funny dad-daughter duo who're offering TikTok a realistic glimpse at parenthood during the teen years—and clearly have more in common than they might let on.

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