Dad Put On a Fake Baby Bump to See What Pregnancy is Like And He Struggled Greatly

An Australian dad named Maitland Hanley created a pregnant bodysuit and documented how everyday tasks became an instant challenge.

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When you have a baby on the way, the partner who isn't pregnant might very well be extremely supportive, but they can't help but be in the dark about certain physical trials and tribulations. A dad from Australia did his best to understand what his partner was going through while she carried their baby boy.

Maitland Hanley recently put on a DIY bodysuit made of melons and plastic wrap and filmed himself for TikTok as he attempted to go about his life. The result was truly hilarious and has since gone viral.

In one clip, Hanley struggles to get out of bed while his wife, Jessica, and friend look on, cracking up.

In another, he does his best impression of what could be a mermaid, or perhaps a sloth, trying to get up off the ground.

Getting out of the bathtub was also rough.

However, putting on shoes while standing proved to be somewhat doable.

Ordering fast food to satisfy his "cravings" was also a perk.

No doubt Jessica also enjoyed seeing her husband attempt to endure even a day of pregnancy. Now, the happy couple are proud parents of a son—and unsurprisingly, new dad Maitland is still up to his old tricks, entertaining his now family of three.

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