Photographer dad Josh Rossi has made his daughter into Wonder Woman, Captain Marvel, Belle, and more, but he took things to the next level for her first day of school in a new neighborhood.

By Libby Ryan
August 28, 2019
Courtesy Josh Rossi

Josh Rossi is a magician with Photoshop. He can make any kid look like they’re living a fantasy through elaborate costumes and artistic photo-rendering, and he edited his daughter into a whole new world in honor of her first day of school.

Rossi surprised his daughter, Nellee, with handmade Princess Jasmine-style costumes and brought her to some grand locations that had the potential to become Aladdin-inspired images. The dad said in a behind the scenes video of the shoot that he wanted to give Nellee a confidence boost in starting a new school and remind her that she’s brave, just like Jasmine.

“I didn’t want negative experiences in school to change her cute fearless personality. I know that a child’s first experience in school can have a life-long impact,” Rossi wrote on his website. “I wanted to make her first day of school an experience that she could remember forever.”

The photoshoot accomplished that goal and the resulting photos are spectacular. For the recreations of several scenes from the new Aladdin movie—which the whole fam has been appreciating all summer—Nellee dressed as Jasmine and her cousin and pal jumped in as Aladdin. Nellee’s little brother Josh also wanted to get in on the fun, so Dad made him into the genie.

Rossi gave the photos to his daughter right before she went to her first day of school and in the video, you can hear her saying they’re “beautiful.” But this isn’t the first time Nellee has seen herself as one of her heroes. Rossi has also transformed her into Wonder Woman, Captain Marvel, and Belle, and made the entire family into Star Wars characters.

The dad doesn’t just do these shoots for his own daughter. He both offers photography packages for kiddos (or grown-ups) who want to see themselves as superheroes or Disney characters and makes detailed YouTube tutorials for parents (or fans) who want to try the to do the edits themselves.

If you start now, you can have a new family photo ready by holiday card time with plenty of time for a photoshop learning curve. Super-family, here you come!


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August 29, 2019
Love this! Thanks for sharing!