Dad Pays Son for Chores His Stepmom Secretly Gave Him And Redditors Are On His Side

In a Reddit column, commenters praise a dad for paying his son an allowance for the chores his stepmom made him do.

Couple disagreements are expected, but one dad thinks his wife may have taken it too far and took to Reddit to let out his frustration.

The OP, AshGardGrade, posted a recent argument between his wife and himself regarding their children and chores. Right off the bat, AshGardGrade is quick to specify that they share two daughters together and his son (her stepson). The family has a "very specific chore schedule" that gives each family member time to do chores, homework, sports, and family and friend time.

The family spent a lot of time coming up with the system and how to implement an allowance factor into it. One day, the Redditor came home and had noticed that the women of the house had gotten their nails done.

"The only time it could have been done was during chore time," he posted, meaning his daughters didn't fulfill their chore responsibilities that day. "With how strict my wife is about the whole thing, I heavily doubt she'd skip out on chores that only take thirty minutes for nails."

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After asking his daughter how they made time for nails, she admitted her brother was doing their chores but not just this once—he had been doing them since September with no increase in allowance, since it was seen as "help and not work."

After confirming the story with his son, the OP paid him for the entirety of September and October. When confronting his wife on the matter, she "flipped out." Since then, the argument has not been brought up, in an attempt to keep the peace.

While the problem has not been brought up, the resolution the Redditor compromised, "by letting the problem go and [let] my son keep his money until we could figure the whole thing out."

The post got a lot of attention on Reddit. More than 1,000 people had thoughts on the issue and made comments such as, "Your wife needs help, if she isn't treating your son equally, you and your son deserve better," and "This is seriously some evil stepmother behavior!"

Seems Redditors were on this dad's side.

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