Dad Invents the 'Safety Shake' as An Alternative to Hugs in the Pandemic: Here's How to Do It

Staying social in the midst of calls for physical distancing is challenging for everyone, especially kids going back to class. That's why a dad to two came up with this alternative greeting. And the creator of TikTok craze 'Bored in the House' is doing it, too.

Photo: Photo courtesy of Mekanism

As some kids return to classroom instruction or extracurriculars this fall, many will be seeing their friends in-person for the first time in months. In turn, they might be feeling nervous about how socializing has changed, as they practice key safety protocols like physical distancing. That's why Jason Harris, a dad of two and the CEO of creative agency Mekanism, came up with the "Safety Shake," a contactless alternative to handshakes and fist bumps.

Harris was inspired to come up with the concept as a realistic, helpful way to reassure his sons, as they're heading back to school in New York City next month and were feeling anxious about what to expect when they got together with friends in-person after months of social distancing.

The simple, heartfelt move—featured in a colorful campaign video illustrated by musician and artist Young & Sick—is now making its way around the internet. Just double tap your heart, then extend your hand in a way that feels uniquely yours, be that with a bow or by pointing. "As long as you're doing it from the heart, you're doing it right," the video's narrator says.

Curtis Roach, creator of the viral hit "Bored In The House," is promoting the campaign, as well. "Safety Shake can be a fun way to say 'hi' to people at a safe distance," he noted in a press release. "It's been a crazy 2020 so hopefully, this will allow people to have a little fun and brings them a little joy. Keeping your distance is still important right now so I'm excited to see what people create."

Harris added, "We all need to be vigilant and take precautions to keep our children safe as they partially return to school. Wash your hands, watch your distance, wear a mask…but also, kids still need to be kids and have some fun. The Safety Shake is a way for them to keep their distance while being creative and connecting with their classmates."

In an effort to make a difference in a variety of ways, Mekanism is also providing teachers and school districts with free posters to remind students to wash their hands, watch their distance, and wear a mask.

Certainly making these must-do moves more fun, colorful, and creative will serve to soothe kids' nerves while boosting their safety.

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