The father’s concerns were justified by Reddit users after he took to the site seeking advice on whether or not the day care’s therapeutic method for hair grabbing was appropriate.

By Lauren Pardee
November 16, 2018
Little Boy Sad On Chair
Credit: Sharomka/Shutterstock

November 16, 2018

One father is going viral on Reddit after sharing that his 1-year-old's daycare has been using a  weighted vest to combat the little boy’s hair grabbing habit. The father discloses that although the daycare notified him of his son’s consistent hair grabbing, they didn’t inform him of their weighted vest treatments.

“My son 1 year, 3 months has been [grabby] since he was a baby, any time something was in reach, he would grab for it and hold on like his life depended on it,” user u/kiplarson wrote. “I never thought it was a bad thing until a couple months ago, about a month after he started daycare. He started grabbing other children’s hair and holding on like there was no tomorrow.”

The Reddit father goes on to explain that he and his wife were doing what they could at home to prevent the hair grabbing from continuing. It wasn’t until his wife picked their son up from daycare one day that she took note of the oversized vest, which looked out of place on their little boy.

“The vest looked too big for him and we were told it was being used to give him comfort and make it feel like he was being held,” he wrote. “I am concerned that this vest is not sized properly for a child that just learned to walk, and that these things shouldn’t be used by the daycare without our knowledge or consent.”

The post ended with the dad asking for advice on hair pulling and grabbing as well as insight on the use of weighted vests on your children. He received an overwhelmingly large response:

After reading through some very helpful comments, concerns, and recommendations, the Reddit dad updated his original post with news that he has addressed the issue head-on with the daycare staff.

“I've since talked to the daycare supervisor who has agreed that usage of the vest was a miscommunication and will be halted immediately. I'm a little frustrated that it happened at all, but we do otherwise have a good relationship with everyone at this facility and are very happy with the love and care they provide our child,” he wrote.

We love to see how the parenting community comes to each other's aid considering we are all figuring this out as we go. The dad continued to thank all those who helped justify his instincts that something wasn’t quite right with the scenario.