TikToker Josh Gillett Is Creating All Too Real Content About Life with a Toddler

New dad Josh Gillett uses humor to shine a light on the parenting pains we can all relate to.

Four screenshots of Joshua Gillett's tiktok account recounting toddlers in the morning
Photo: Courtesy of Joshua Gillett

Chaos is a word that gets tossed around quite frequently to describe life with a toddler—and rightfully so. These tiny creatures keep even the most evil-keeled parents on edge with their endless array of antics that are as maddening as they are adorable. When he's not chasing after his own adorable little toddler, Josh Gillett runs the TikTok account @josh.dad.gillett, and makes relatable and funny content about the universal pains parents everywhere have experienced at one time or another.

Based on the following he's gained since launching the account—not to mention the attention he's garnered from celebrities ranging from Stephanie Beatriz (the voice of Mirabel) Ludacris—it's safe to say his content is striking a chord with parents everywhere.

In one of his most viewed videos—a clip that has amassed more than 1.2 million views—Gillett tackles the always-interesting topic of bedtime.

The clip starts innocently enough with Gillett telling what appears to be an already slumbering toddler (also played by Gillett) to get ready for bed. As parents of toddlers everywhere can attest, when the toddler hears those words, all hell breaks loose.

Against the backdrop of Ludacris's "Get Back," we see a short montage of the toddler version of Gillett doing all the things that you'd expect an emotionally challenged tiny human to do when they're told to go to bed: Jumping around on the furniture, throwing a tantrum and physical objects at the person who the audacity to suggest shutting it down for the night, and making a whole lot of racket. The clip ends with the rambunctious toddler asking for a glass of water through a megaphone.

One commenter said the video was, "The best interpretation of my son I've ever seen." Another comment pointed out exactly why this video was so real for parents of toddlers and said: "I ERUPTED. Because as I watched this, my toddler came in and asked for water. It was 2 am." Even toddlers enjoyed the video because, as one commenter put it, "My toddlers are belly laughing at this!!! I love it! Thank you for this!"

In another video titled "When your toddler wants to watch Encanto for the 7th time in a row," we see Gillett sitting next to his adorable toddler and gradually growing more frustrated as the Encanto soundtrack blares in the background.

That video, which drew plenty of fun comments from equally Encanto-fatigued parents ("Glad I'm not the only one. We're ALWAYS talking about Bruno."), even made its way to Stephanie Beatriz, the voice of Mirabel in Encanto. In response to the obsession her character's songs spurred in children across the globe, Beatriz responded to Gillett's clip with, "Sorry not Sorry!!"

Gillett says he's most proud of the videos where he's impersonating a toddler. "Toddlers are hilarious in general, and they do things so chaotically for no reason. It's so much fun pretending to be one—not much pretending going on, I still am one. Just grown," he says.

Viewers seem to feel the same, as these videos are consistently the most watched and commented on content on the channel. Gillett says his number one priority when making content is to give viewers a reason to smile, laugh, or make them happier. "Nothing makes me happier than seeing a comment that says, 'I really needed this today' or 'It's been a rough day, this made me smile.' Those comments keep me going."

And it's safe to say that Gillett's relatable and often hilarious videos help keep plenty of stressed-out toddler parents going too.

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