After seeing these photos of mom Stephanie Pokorny’s handmade Halloween costumes, we officially want to learn how to crochet.


October 25, 2018

Smurf Crocheted Costume
Credit: Courtesy of Stephanie Pokorny

Ready to have some crafty mom envy? Meet Stephanie Pokorny.

Every Halloween, this mom in Mentor, Ohio transforms her kids into one of a kind characters with incredibly intricate crocheted costume designs—which are done freehand by the way. Her designs range from cute (think Papa Smurf and Harry Potter) to scary (imagine the creepy clown from IT and Slimer from Ghostbusters).

“My mother used to make my costumes for me when I was little! So, when my two younger children Jacob, 6, and Jack, 3, were born it was just natural to bring my two loves of Halloween and crochet together to make things for my children,” Pokorny told

We're going to go ahead and say it: Her children are hands-down the luckiest little trick-or-treaters ever. Don't believe us? Just check out the photos.

Slimer Crocheted Costume
Credit: Courtesy of Stephanie Pokorny
ET Crocheted Costume
Credit: Courtesy of Stephanie Pokorny
Predator Crocheted Costume
Credit: Courtesy of Stephanie Pokorny
IT Crocheted Costume
Credit: Courtesy of Stephanie Pokorny

“Each year I allow them to decide what they want to be and generally speaking it is usually influenced by what classic movie their father and I have watched with them or whatever movie has been remade or popular at the time,” Pokorny explained.

But no costume is lesser than the other, and she agrees, admitting that each completed look seems to be her favorite at that moment. But if she had to choose she’d pick both the Predator and Slimer as her pride and joy.

Although each costume looks effortlessly crafted, they are 100% a labor of love. “They are made with no pattern, I freehand them and they usually take me about 25 to 40 hours. I generally work on each one over the course of 2 weeks so I can fit it in,” Pokorny explained.

The talented mom documents her creations via her website where she shares free patterns, tutorials, inspiration, and her very own product reviews. Pokorny also posts her crochet designs to both her Instagram account and Facebook page, @crochetverse. We recommend checking them out if you’re looking to be blown away and inspired this Halloween with these stunning full body costume transformations.