Whether her son wants to dress up as a fidget spinner or an ice cream truck, mom Brandi Seely takes her handmade Halloween costumes to the next level with moving parts and fun multi-dimensional features.

By Lauren Pardee

October 29, 2018

It’s no secret the Greenfield, Ohio local Brandi Seely has an artistic eye as a full-time photographer, but her vision isn’t limited to a lens. Seely’s craftiness always comes to life this time of year as she and her son, 7-year-old Grayson Jones, prepare for Halloween.

This mom’s impressive custom costumes go above and beyond with moving parts, sound effects, and glow in the dark features that add another dimension of epic. You may even get inspired with some last-minute DIY-inspo that’ll blow your neighborhood trick-or-treaters away—we know we are.

“The best parts about making your own costume: saving money (if you do it right), getting to be crafty and put your own spin on things and seeing the look of joy on your child’s face!” Seely told Parents.com.

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Jones and his mom team up every year to brainstorm ideas. Seely admits that her son has been requesting possible looks since he could talk, and he always has the final say.

“Grayson’s favorite was the ice cream truck. (Which was his two favorite things at the time: ice cream and trucks!) My personal favorite was the fidget spinner. I really didn’t think we could pull that one off. Since it also lit up and spun (and was something no one in our town had seen done before), it got a lot of love.” Seely explained.

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Check out some of their best costumes and get inspired if you're still searching for a creative costume idea for this Halloween:

Ice Cream Truck

The Bachelor

Jet Pack

Mac and Cheese

Old Man


Woopie Cushion Costume

Impressive, right? Seely attributes her major skills to growing up with a hands-on mom who instilled Halloween spirit in her.

“My mom actually used to make us the coolest homemade costumes growing up. She was ahead of her time. (Or I should say Pinterest!) I went as a couch potato one year, a lady in a bathtub, a laundry basket of dirty clothes. My sister went as a hot air balloon one year! Needless to say, she passed her love of Halloween and her creativity on to us,” Seely recalls.

We can’t wait to see what this mother-son duo continue to bring to life year after year. Seely even confesses that her son may like dressing up more than he enjoys getting candy, and we see why!




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