George and Ginger Brown's love for one another is just as obvious as it was the day they said "I do" on June 6, 1959.

By Maressa Brown
July 01, 2019
60th wedding anniversary

July 1, 2019

No matter how a couple chooses to celebrate their 60th wedding anniversary, quality time with loved ones and nostalgia are both called for. Thankfully, that's exactly what George and Ginger Brown got in spades last month, thanks to their 26-year-old granddaughter Abigail Lydick, who is a professional wedding photographer. The Browns traveled from South Carolina to New Jersey to celebrate their big day — June 6 — and as a sweet surprise for her grandparents, Lydick planned a gorgeous photo shoot, complete with a gown, flowers, and a bevy of beautiful wedding details.

Lydick told TODAY that while her grandparents were "excited," her grandmother was "really nervous at first. Just having a professional photo shoot in the first place, which they’ve never had." Thankfully, the jitters seemed to dissipate when Lydick started clicking away.

Lydick shared with that the couple's "first look" shot "was sweet as anything." She explained, "We had quite a few charming places to photograph them by, and they have such natural chemistry together that it wasn’t hard to catch a lot of sweet moments! Almost the entirety of the shoot consisted of Granddad cracking jokes, which would in turn cause Grandmom to break out in laughter. She would usually return with a coy comment as Grandad gave her a kiss on the cheek."

The result was as breathtaking as the Browns' original wedding photos. The heartwarming images quickly went viral, making national headlines.

Check them out.


Inspired by her grandparents' love story, Lydick asked George and Ginger to share their best advice for young married couples. Their reply: "1. 'Don't go to bed angry.' 2. 'Be prepared to forgive, always, because you just have to do it.' 3. 'Maintain a good sense of humor.'"

Writing on her Instagram page, Lydick shared she believes that "obviously there is truth in those answers, because these two are just as in love after sixty years as they were the day they got married." Judging from these stunning shots, there is no doubt about that.


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