Couple Attempts Crate Challenge 'Gender Reveal,' Disaster Inevitably Ensues

What happens when you pair a risky gender reveal with a viral trend recently banned from TikTok? A dad with a serious back injury, to start.

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Gender reveals gone wrong are a source of social media—and sometimes community—ire. Take last year, when one gender reveal sparked a wildfire. (The couple was recently charged.)

But recently, one couple combined two of the TikTok's most-ridiculed trends: A risky gender reveal and the milk crate challenge. It went oh-so-very wrong.

FYI, the milk crate challenge is a social media stunt that involves ascending a pyramid of milk crates, with the person doing it usually tumbling (often dangerously) in the process. The FDA isn't into it, and TikTok banned it late last week, citing safety concerns and injuries.

But that didn't deter one couple from using the challenge to announce their baby's gender. In the video, a person (who appears to be the proud papa) climbs a stack of milk crates decked out in pink and blue tablecloths. He's carrying a covered container, and friends and family, including pregnant Mom in a pink dress, look on.

The guy actually makes it more than halfway up the stairway of crates—albeit wobbling as he ascends the tower—before crashing to the ground. The baby dust spills in the process.

The good news? It's a boy. The bad news? As his friends and family jump and cheer, the dad-to-be lays on the ground, clutching his back in pain.

NPR radio host Sam Sanders tweeted the video last week, and it's already received 3.4 million views and a whole lot of comments. As you can expect, they're pretty brutal.

"Two points: The bar is really low out here. Let's all pray for that little baby boy. RIGHT NOW," one person responded. "Hybridizing [two] of the worst trends in popular culture," wrote another. "Dude has a broken back...but it's a boy! I am sure glad these geniuses are raising kids," read a snarky comment.

But some people looked on the bright side. "There were no fires or explosions," one said.

Other commenters noted that the woman's belly (and the entire scene itself) looked a bit strange, meaning that the whole video could be completely staged. Still, without confirmation from the parents-to-be, it's hard to say.

Gender reveals are controversial for a host of reasons, including the thought that they push stereotypes. Critics have also pointed out that a blood test or sonogram can't determine a child's eventual gender identity.

But if you do wish to have one, using candy, squirt guns with colored paint, or silly string are safer alternatives to pyrotechnics and whatever unsafe challenge is trending on social media this month.

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