Comic Illustrating Working Mom Life Is Hilariously All Too Real

Russian artist Maria Gorbunova totally nails what it's like to be a working mom life in her relatable, viral comics. 

Working Mom With Child
Photo: RossHelen/Shutterstock

February 28, 2019

Every woman who is juggling a little one and a career knows that humor is often the best way to cope with being overwhelmed. By embracing that and drawing her life, Russian artist and mom of two Maria Gorbunova has become a viral star. After all, her work is very much a reflection of reality for working moms everywhere.

Gorbunova told CafeMom back in September that she was inspired to start drawing pictures of her life after a particular stressful day where "my children behaved badly, as usual," and she found that the practice helped "raise her mood." Since sharing her first drawings on her Instagram account @Mary_chemi, she's wracked up over 26K followers.

"I was surprised to have so much attention," she said.

But given how relatable her work is, it's no surprise she's found a major fan base. Check out some of her best comics below.

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