Comedian and New Mom Iliza Shlesinger Hilariously Shows the Best Bad Advice New Moms Receive

In an all too relatable new ad from Willow featuring comedian and new mom Iliza Shlesinger, an expectant mom is subjected to unhelpful tips from well-meaning family and friends. The new campaign urges new parents to know that they deserve better.

Iliza Willow commercial
Photo: Courtesy of Willow

When you're an expectant or new parent, celebrations thrown in your honor, diapers, bottles, and onesies aren't all you'll receive. You're also bound to find yourself swimming in lots and lots of bad, irritating, facepalm-inducing advice and commentary. That's the relatable subject of a new campaign from Willow featuring comedian and new mom Iliza Shlesinger.

In the wearable breast pump maker's new ad, Shlesinger stars as an expectant mom at her baby shower—as well as the mom's college bro, grandmother, mother-in-law, friend who's all about eating the placenta, and other exaggerated characters who offer lame remarks that might actually sound all too familiar to new parents.

The crew shares their many thoughts on everything from the mom-to-be returning to work, napping when the baby naps and eating when the baby eats, breastfeeding in the broom closet, and epidurals being "for losers."

Thankfully, the soon-to-be mom is visited by her cooler, more in-the-know self who tells her, "It doesn't have to be this way. You can pump and live your life," before handing her a Willow pump.

Shlesinger co-created and wrote the spot in an effort to help shed light on the new motherhood experience.

In a press release, the comedian noted, "Pregnancy and parenting are filled with so much well-intentioned advice that doesn't actually support moms. Moms deserve better; they deserve empathy and humor. This ad is all about seeing the world from mom's perspective and bringing some levity to our challenges."

The ad is tied to the launch of Willow's "Register for More" campaign, which the company says "provides shareable resources for mothers and their circle of supporters created by experts and influential moms." The site currently offers info and advice on work, pumping, and wellness, such as how to demand paid family leave and how your partner can support your mental health.

Sarah O'Leary, chief commercial officer of Willow, tells exclusively that following over two years of challenges for new parents, the campaign is about "disrupting the sometimes absurd experiences of parenting culture to create a more hopeful and better path."

"Everything we do at Willow starts with mom," continues O'Leary. "Our mission is to build solutions to moms' most meaningful problems, which, of course, we do through our products, but we also want to be an advocate for moms. We want mom's village to see the world from her perspective and advocate for change, too."

In other words, no expectant or new parent should feel like they just have to "suck it up" and accept the status quo when it's not working for them. As O'Leary sums it up: "Moms deserve better." With hope, campaigns like this one will fuel the kind of conversation and advocacy that ensures they receive better too.

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