Alabama photographer showcased more than 30 women’s stories of babies born after a miscarriage in a stunningly moving group photoshoot.

By Libby Ryan
Ashley Sargent Photography, LLC

After Alabama photographer Ashley Sargent noticed more and more women coming into her photography studio with new babies asking for a rainbow theme, she had an idea. She wanted to create a massive rainbow baby photoshoot.

“I began to have this idea (or vision, I should say) of seeing dozens upon dozens of mothers coming together, all as one, dressed in colors of the rainbow along with their miracle child. I wanted mothers and children of every age,” Sargent wrote on Facebook. “In my mind, this idea was going to be a vision of hope.”

Ashley Sargent Photography, LLC

Sargent wanted to send a message of hope to moms who have had miscarriages by showing other mother’s rainbow babies—babies born after a miscarriage. She recruited moms from her client list who wanted to share their story, asked them to choose a color of the rainbow, and brought them all together for a very special shoot. Dozens of mothers showed up with their rainbow babies—and big kids too.

“I did not ever experience the pain of a miscarriage, but I know the feeling of hopelessness and the deep desire to become a mother,” Sargent said. “I know how alone you feel.”

Ashley Sargent Photography, LLC

The photographer shared that she struggled with infertility for four years.

“It completely consumed me and I expected it to be so easy,” she wrote. “I began to lose hope. I felt so ashamed of myself. I felt like there was something wrong with me, like it was my fault that we couldn't have this child we so desperately wanted.”

Ashley Sargent Photography, LLC

Sargent shared her story but also wanted to build a channel for the women in her photoshoot to share theirs as well. She photographed each individual mom and her rainbow baby—or sometimes babies—and posted more than 30 family portraits, along with touching stories of hope following miscarriages. (You can see all 74 photos in the set on Sargent’s photography Facebook page.)

“Myself, along with the mothers in this photo, want you to know that you can overcome,” said Sargent. “You are not alone.”



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