Kelly Claggett, who is pregnant with her first child after 14 years of trying, says the Gaines' "generosity is absolutely remarkable."

By Rebecca Macatee
February 25, 2019
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February 25, 2019

When Chip and Joanna Gaines aren't raising their five kids or running their DIY and design empire, they're doing good deeds and giving back to their fans. This proved particularly true last week when Chip decided to donate baby Crew's SNOO smart sleeper to an expectant mom who commented on his Instagram post.

It started when Chip shared an adorable photo of 8-month-old Crew with his feet sticking out of the innovative (but expensive!) bassinet. "Uh oh," quipped the Fixer Upper star. "What happens when they outgrow the #snoo??"

Fans had all kinds of suggestions for Chip and Joanna. "Time for another baby," read one comment. "Definitely time for another baby," added another fan.

A handful of parents-to-be suggested the Magnolia Market masterminds give the SNOO to them, and some thought that the Gaines should do a giveaway of sorts. But it was the comment of one expectant mom offering to buy Crew's SNOO that caught Chip's attention.

"Sell it to me!!" wrote Kelly Claggett. "After 12 years, my husband and I are FINALLY expecting!!"

"We're so excited for you!" Chip responded. "Let's get her set up, @assistingchip."

From there, Chip's assistant got down to business. "@chipgaines You got it!" they wrote. "Sending you a dm, @kelclag!"

Claggett responded with the crying face emoji, writing, "WHAT!!!!! Thank You!!!"

The thrilled mom-to-be told she "[at] first didn't believe it" when the Gaines wanted her to have the SNOO.

"I ran into my husband's office crying," said Claggett. "We have waited so long for this baby and it's unbelievable how loved it already is."

Claggett, whose hubby "informed me that it's been 14 years we have been waiting for this baby, not 12 years" is extremely grateful for the Gaines' gift. "Their generosity is absolutely remarkable," she said. "It's hard to find anymore."

We're sure happy for Claggett, and we hope this mama and her newborn are able to get more quality sleep when the little one is dozing in the SNOO. The smart sleeper comes from Harvey Karp, M.D., Parents advisor and author of The Happiest Baby on the Block, and it operates on the "5 S" method of newborn soothing that recreates sensations babies feel in the womb—swaddling, side/stomach positioning, shushing, swinging, and sucking—to help babies relax.

According to Dr. Karr, the SNOO smart sleeper has the potential to add hours of undisturbed sleep to you and your newborn's nights. It's Wifi-enabled, so parents can adjust the rocking speed and white noise volume remotely using a smartphone app. You can even program the SNOO to wean the baby off the motion before it's time to transition to a crib at six months.

This fancy technology doesn't come cheap, though: The SNOO costs $1,160 to own and $148.95/month to rent. For some parents, though, a good night's sleep is worth the cost.

And who knows? Maybe the Gaines' generosity will inspire other parents to donate their SNOO sleepers when their little ones have outgrown them. Paying it forward is always rewarding, and as parents, we really are all in this together.


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