A new viral trend sweeping the internet has some parents tossing cheese at their little ones, leaving lots of people unamused and inflamed. 
American cheese

March 4, 2019

From the mannequin challenge to the ice bucket challenge, social media is the perpetual home to viral trends, some that are wacky, some that are well-meaning, and some that are just, well, mean. The latest to fall into the final category is called the Baby Cheese Challenge, and it involves, uh, throwing cheese at babies.

It all started when a Michigan dad named Charles Amara shared a Facebook video last Tuesday, February 26 of a baby getting “cheesed” with the caption, “You asked for it, here it is! Attack of the cheese Episode 2. He wasn’t happy after this one.”

Then, on Thursday, the 28th, a Twitter user with the handle @unclehxlmes shared the same video with the message: “just cheesed my lil brother.” That video wracked up over 8M views on Twitter, but the user deleted it and wrote, "just to let you all know, that cheese tweet isnt my lil brother and ive deleted it... didnt expect it to get THAT viral lmaoooo."

He elaborated in a follow-up tweet: “I have spoken with the child’s mother and explained why I have deleted it. It was very invasive for the family and I would like to apologize."

The original video has also been removed from Facebook. Nonetheless, the damage had already been done, and the prank had started catching on, with other parents posting videos of themselves tossing cheese onto their kids' sweet, innocent, clueless faces. 

Some people are opting not to subject their little ones to a face of cheese and throwing the food at adults instead. Still, why?

Chrissy Teigen beautifully summed up the problem with this "challenge."  The beloved, opinionated celeb mom took to Twitter to sound off on the trend, writing, "I love a prank as much as anybody but I cannot get myself to throw cheese at my adorable, unsuspecting baby who has all the hope and trust in the world in me."

Leave it to Chrissy to put the whole internet in its place.