Breastfeeding brand The Little Milk Bar says Instagram flagged their ads for "sexual content and nudity." Their response? Photos of moms breastfeeding in cat masks.  

By Maressa Brown
October 08, 2018

October 8, 2018

Breastfeeding challenging enough without being shamed or slapped on the wrist for doing what you need to do to feed your L.O. That's why Utah-based breastfeeding brand The Little Milk Bar is standing up for nursing moms everywhere with a new viral campaign featuring cat masks. Yep, cat masks.

In an Instagram post shared last week, the brand shared a shot of a mom wearing a cat mask and breastfeeding her tot writing, "Hey @instagram , yes @instagram ... we’re talking to YOU! Just one question... is THIS photo okay? . In case you haven’t heard, almost all of our ads are being denied due to 'sexual content.' No matter how many times we appeal the denial, our photos of mothers breastfeeding their babies are continuously being categorized in the “sexual & nudity” category when running an ad. And we get a reply that says 'we stand by our decision.' <----- insert all the angry bad words here . So we turned our mothers into cats... is it okay now? . If you’re as angry as we are... tag @instagram below... it’s up to us stop this nonsense. No one else is going to do it for us. #momsquad #dropthecover #normalizebreastfeeding" 

It's no surprise The Little Milk Bar is taking on Insta in this way. The brand was founded to support breastfeeding moms who could use someone in their corner. The site's "about us" section reads: "Too many women hide in bathroom stalls, parked cars and dressing rooms to feed their babies... because they're afraid of the comments they'll get from strangers. Our mission is to help put a stop to that. To empower mothers everywhere to feed their baby when and where they're hungry, with or without a cover... however YOU feel most comfortable. We hope that no other mother EVER has to ask, 'can I feed my baby here?' ever again."

And they're only serving to double-down on that mission with this cat campaign. Alongside another shot of three moms breastfeeding in cat masks, the brand wrote, "Why is it when people see a


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