When Mattea Goff's husband asked her why she is so cranky in the morning, she put pen to paper to draw what a night of breastfeeding looks like while he and his "useless nipples" sleep soundly in the same bed. 

Lauren Pardee
Updated: October 26, 2018

October 26, 2018

If you're a breastfeeding mom, we know you're currently exhausted unlike ever before. But do you feel like your husband gets it?

Mother-of-two Mattea Goff not only knows the struggle, but after her husband, Kris, went as far as to ask her why she is so cranky and tired in the morning, she decided to sketch out (with adorable stick figures) the multiple middle-of-the-night breastfeeding scenarios that he misses while he's sound asleep in the same bed.

“So this past weekend, I was having a hard time finding the words (probably because I haven't had any sleep) to express to Kris why I'm not in the best of moods first thing in the morning," Goff wrote to Facebook. "So I sat down with my coffee and drew him a visual."

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The doodled outcome was hilariously relatable, and the Facebook post has already received over 156K likes, 61K comments, and 200,000 shares on Facebook. If you feel Goff's pain, we recommend printing your own copy as a PSA to your partner, because really: Is this not the most accurate depiction you've ever seen?

We can’t help but laugh as doodle Kris and his "useless nipples" sleep through scratching, vomiting, slapping, shivering, and crying. "My husband is a fantastic guy, but sometimes if you haven't lived something, you don't understand it," Goff told BuzzFeed. She continued, “Support and encouragement for exhausted new moms is extremely important from everyone around them, especially their partners."

We couldn't agree more, and we have a feeling these doodles are going to be put to good use by exhausted moms everywhere.

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