Breaking: Toddlers Are a Lot to Handle

Redditors commiserate over the magical ability of toddlers to be so unapologetically toddlers.

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Toddlers. They're tiny humans with big feelings who love exploring the even bigger world and naturally push boundaries as they do it.

If you have one, you know peace and quiet are tiny luxuries reserved for when they are sleeping.

Or, as one Redditor, u/aliveby525, wrote in the Toddlers subreddit put it: "Toddlers are insane. That's it. That's the post."

Nearly 160 fellow Redditors have chimed in to let the original poster (OP) know they are definitely not alone.

"Mine has had a stream of consciousness narration going all day. 'Iss my ellerbape? Yeah, iss mine. Tan I roll it? Oh, iss rollin! MY ELLERBAPE! Tum back! Iss ok, I got it. What is at? What is at? What is at?'" wrote one person.

We're really not sure what that translates to, but the fact that this caregiver probably does is highly impressive.

"I think the only thing going thru my toddler's mind is seeing something and thinking, 'I can climb that,'" said another.

In addition to their innate ability to make mountains out of kitchen tables (despite all that money you spent on a Nugget couch), toddlers are also wannabe carpenters.

"Mine found a screwdriver and is currently trying to take apart my car's armrest," one Redditor said.

One toddler can be overwhelming, but one caregiver mentioned the joy of two toddlers.

"They are two tiny Tasmanian devils, just twirling and whirling," the person said.

Your living room décor is in our thoughts—and so is this mama.

"Girl twin today was laying full body on boy twin. He starts screaming bloody murder, so I of course go three feet over to them to remove her. They both freak out on me cause 'We're just having fun, Mommy.' Well dang, sound like it please," the Redditor said.

And leave it to at least one Redditor to find the silver lining toddler parents need, especially right now.

"They are also magic. My wife probably has COVID, so she's quarantining, and today my daughter was crying because she wanted to go give her kisses so she would feel better. I wouldn't let her…we played hide and seek…she tells me to close my eyes and count to 10. When I open them, she's standing across the room, and yelling 'Here you am, Daddy,'" the person said.

If that's not the wholesome content we need, I don't know what is.

Toddlers can be a handful, and parents of children under five have it especially rough right now because of COVID-19-related child care issues and a delay in vaccines for this age group.

Keeping kids busy with activities they can do independently, like playing with blocks or puzzles, can help distract them from rearranging (or taking apart or climbing on…) furniture. And make sure you're filling your own cup by moving, getting enough sleep, and carving out time to connect with adults, even if it means asking your partner to care for the toddler alone for 30 minutes.

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