'Birthie' Selfie Stick Is a Funny Gag Gift, Because It's All Too Believable

The imaginary selfie stick, meant to be used during labor and delivery, "is sturdy and fully adjustable, allowing you to capture every contraction with confidence," according to its packaging.

birthie stick
Photo: Courtesy of Amazon.com

Millennial parents have a rep for a variety of behaviors: being obsessed with making (or being pressured to make) every moment magical for their kids, reliving their '90s childhoods via VSCO girl style, and, perhaps above all, documenting their lives on social media. So, it's no wonder that a new gag gift is funny, because it seems all too real. Novelty gift seller Prank-O appears to be selling a "Birthie Stick"—like a selfie stick you use during labor and delivery to capture every intense moment for your Insta followers.

In actuality, there is no such gadget. It's just a box, which describes the hilariously 21st century product. "Birthie Stick is sturdy and fully adjustable, allowing you to capture every contraction with confidence,” writes imaginary creator Brandi Rae James on the packaging. “Why selfishly live in a moment when you can be sharing it with the world? That question is what led me to create the Birthie Stick. After watching too many boring, low-quality delivery room videos, I knew my angel’s arrival needed breakthrough cinematography."

The giggle-worthy box copy continues, "Childbirth isn’t something you want to keep to yourself. The Birthie Stick was designed to provide steady, high-quality video of the blessed event using just a smartphone. So, friends, family and followers can enjoy a close-up perspective of your baby’s emergence from the womb."

The kicker: "Content doesn't get any fresher!"

No doubt anyone with a baby on the way who loves to go live on Insta or is addicted to documenting every ultrasound and craving on Facebook will laugh if they find this under the tree or as a baby shower gift. Though gift givers shouldn't be surprised if parents-to-be are bummed the gadget doesn't actually exist.

Although the gag gift is currently unavailable on Amazon, you can also scoop it up on its manufacturer's website Pranko.com for $7.

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