These cities win Halloween when it comes to safe neighborhoods, good weather and lots of houses. Find out if one of these great places to trick or treat is near you!

By Lauren Pardee
October 17, 2018

October 17, 2018

Kids Dressed Up For Trick-Or-Treating
Credit: Monkey Business/Shutterstock

There is only one night of the year when kids are allowed to run around town in costumes scaring neighbors and demanding candy. So let's be real: It is important to make Halloween count. To help parents guarantee a wicked good time for the whole family, is using their financial advisor resources to pinpoint the best places to go trick-or-treating based off of factors like housing density, housing stock, crime rates, percent of residents under 15 and weather.

According to their findings, Orem, Utah, Nampa, Idaho, and Kennewick, Washington topped The Best Places to Trick-or-Treat charts for the second year in a row—but keep an eye out for Illinois who has three cities in the top 10. The Midwest alone is a big hit filling three of the top 10 cities in the country.

Take a look at the top ten best places to trick or treat:

1. Orem, UT

Why it's the best: The breakdown of Smart Asset's findings shows that Orem has the highest percentage of kids while also having the second lowest violent crime ranking overall. The temperature is predicted to be just above 60 degrees Fahrenheit, which means comfortable costume options—kids won't need to be too bundled up or worry about sweating in the heat, either. 

2. (tie) Nampa, ID

Why it's the best: Nampa closely follows suit with high ranks along every metric and an average temperature of 58 degrees Fahrenheit this time of year. Surprisingly, Nampa is even more affordable than our number one ranking, Orem.

2. (tie) Kennewick, WA

Why it's the best: Kennewick also ranked in second place for great weather (on average late October nights range in the high 50s), low violence rates, and a high percentage of kids in the area. 

4. Aurora, IL

Why it's the best: The city of Aurora ended up having one of the highest densities of single-family homes in the study, this means less walking and more candy. Sounds like a win-win to us. 

5. Dearborn, MI

Why it's the best: Despite the high chances of rain, Dearborn is one of the youngest cities in Smart Asset's study making Halloween an exceptionally popular time of year. 

6. El Paso, TX

Why it's the best: Hurray for low property crime, low chances of rain, and affordability—just watch out for that 70-degree heat if your costume involves facepaint that isn't water resistant. 

7. Elgin, IL

Why it's the best: Safety is always key and Elgin just so happens to rank as the second safest city in the top 10. 

8. Racine, WI

Why it's the best: Smart Asset claims that this city offers one of the highest candy bars-per-square mile rates in the nation if the low 50s temperature doesn't stop you from making your rounds. 

9. Joliet, IL

Why it's the best: Low crime rates and high child population rates sounds like the perfect trick-or-treating recipe to us.

10. Olathe, KS

Why it's the best: Despite the low rate of single-family homes, Olathe's low crime and property crime rates landed them on the top 10 list, unlike last year when they were ranked 11. 

If your city ranks on this list, you’re in great shape for this spooky holiday. If you’re surprised to find your hometown missing as one of the best places to trick or treat—do not stress—it may be listed as locations 11-25 just like Vista, CA, Lincoln, NE, and Mission, TX.