Nurse Lindsay Kenworthy met Liz Wolcott while helping treat her for Lyme disease and the two ended up becoming best friends throughout illness, fertility struggles, and now, pregnancy.

By Kristi Pahr
November 22, 2019
Lindsay Kenworthy and Liz Wolcott
| Credit: Michelle Rose Sulcov/

When Liz Wolcott walked to the lobby of her building one evening to pick up a package, the last thing she expected was to make a new friend. Wolcott, who was in the midst of treatment for complications from her battle with Lyme disease at that time, says she saw a woman in scrubs and felt compelled to introduce herself.

“I had been looking for a nurse to help with some treatments prescribed by my Lyme doctor. So I explained my situation to Lindsay and we ended up chatting for an hour in the lobby about Lyme, health, and life in general,” says Wolcott. Lindsay Kenworthy, who happened to be an oncology nurse at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center in New York City was immediately interested in Wolcott's experience with Lyme. “Lindsay had actually also battled Lyme at a younger age, so she was immediately taken with my story and more than happy to help.”

The pair began meeting twice a week for Wolcott’s treatment. And turns out, the two strangers had more in common than they realized. “We quickly began to realize how much we had in common and connected over discovering our mutual friends from different walks of life, our love of fitness, and anything health-related.” They even realized their husbands worked for the same company. “Our therapy sessions turned into workout class and lunch, or double dates with our husbands.”

Wolcott, who runs health and wellness blog Platinum and Prime, says she felt blessed by meeting such a generous soul. “Not only was she overly generous in treating me multiple times a week, but she has a vibrant, positive attitude—one that I know helps her thrive in her role as an oncology nurse.”

Her friendship with Kenworthy, explains Wolcott, helped her navigate her Lyme disease treatment. “Her positive vibe, along with all we have in common, really made the experience a much more positive one. Between the discomfort of being stuck by needles to the fears of interpreting a pretty confusing disease like Lyme, the relationship quickly turned into a special friendship.”

Lindsay Kenworthy and Liz Wolcott
| Credit: Michelle Rose Sulcov/

The support was definitely reciprocal. Kenworthy, who struggled with fertility, says Wolcott buoyed her during the process. “I had a somewhat unexpected fertility journey. Being young and healthy, I wasn’t expecting a two-year journey to get pregnant."

A strong support system was crucial, she shared. "I leaned on friends and family a lot during this time, and Liz was a huge support system for me,” explains Kenworthy. “She always brings really good perspective and positive energy to the table, and she was able to redirect my focus or help distract me with a fun workout class suggestion during some of my more difficult times.”

The pair had always joked about getting pregnant at the same time, but Wolcott was passionate about feeling like she was in a healthy place with her Lyme disease before trying to have a baby and Kenworthy’s fertility struggle made it seem unlikely their pregnancies would overlap.

The two met up one night earlier this year for one of their get-togethers and had been chatting for a while when Wolcott casually asked Kenworthy, “So, how is everything going with you?”

Wolcott says she knew Kenworthy was waiting for some important news from her doctor and didn't know if she should tell her friend she was pregnant. But Kenworthy immediately responded, “Well, I’m pregnant.” Wolcott, relieved and excited, screamed, “Me too!” She says the two of them jumped up and down for about five minutes before sending their husbands a selfie of them drinking mocktails. And the best part? They were due just four days apart.

A few months later, the pair are inseparable: They both moved four blocks away from each other, go to the same OB-GYN, and they were both pregnant with boys. Lindsay just gave birth to a baby boy and Liz is due any day now!

"It has been such a blessing to have a close friend to go through this journey with. We’ve been able to share the ups and downs, the pregnancy-safe workout tips, the clean beauty and baby products, and the weekly body/symptom updates with each other,” says Kenworthy. “We are so excited for our little guys to grow up together, and more importantly, to have a lifelong, supportive mama friend along for the ride.”


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