7 Times Families Turned Classic Songs Into Amazing Quarantine Parody Videos

Families are making the most of stay at home orders by moving and grooving to Broadway and Disney songs, reinterpreting the lyrics to suit the moment.

Ben Marsh and family Les Miserables
Photo: Ben Marsh

As families all over the globe are staying in to stay safer and slow the spread of the novel coronavirus, everyone's consumed with schoolwork, work, and household to-dos, but, with hope, there's plenty of time for fun, as well. Plenty of parents and kids are putting that time to good use by producing hilarious, entertaining parodies of musicals like Hamilton and movies like Frozen, all reimagined to reflect our current reality.

Here, seven of the best family quarantine parodies on the internet right now.

1. Frozen for Parents

The Holderness family, known for their entertaining viral videos, have nodded to Frozen's "Do You Want To Build a Snowman?" with a parody featuring questions many parents are asking one another in quarantine, such as, "Do you want to start drinking?" and "Do you want to do some yard work?" and "Do you know how to fix our WiFi?"

2. An Homage to Hamilton

The Gilbride-Byun family did their own interpretation of "You'll Be Back" from Hamilton, re-envisioned as "School'll Be Back." A sampling of the funny switched-up lyrics, "The news won’t change the subject, corona's the only subject, the most infectious subject. School will be back, work will too."

3. Les Miserables

Ben Marsh and his family from Faversham, Kent opted to perform the massed choral number "One Day More" from Les Miserables with lyrics like, "One Day More, another day another destiny. Shopping for online delivery. I tried again only to find there’s nothing til September time, one day more..."

4. A Tangled Tribute

The Marsh family also posted a tribute to their health care workers, teachers, and other community heroes—all set to the tune of "When Will My Life Begin" from Tangled. The family's play on the original lyrics are all sorts of relatable for parents everywhere. Consider: "They're not at school, refusing to even wake up. Shout again, and I'm hoarse by like 7:15." And: "Why the schools stayed open, no one understands. Official policy—while this disease expands."


5. "Rumpshaker" as an Ode to Zoom

The Holdernesses have also paid tribute to everyone's favorite video conferencing platform right now: Zoom, setting their song to the tune of the 1992 hit "Rumpshaker" by Wreckx-N-Effect. They declare that all they wanna do is "Zoom Zoom Zoom in my room, room," but lament "this lighting sucks."

6. A New Take on Newsies

Five siblings from Ohio were so inspired by the Marsh family's Les Mis tribute that they did their own rendition of Newsies' "Carrying the Banner." "That's my remote, you'll get it later," one sibling sings, while the group notes, "It's an indoor game we're playing, flattening out that curve."

7. Fiddler on the Roof, Reimagined for Passover 2020

Tevye and the entire shtetl in Fiddler on the Roof believed in "Tradition!" This year, for Passover, Eli Wirtschafter and his Berkeley, California-based family are putting their faith in "Separation!" and a Seder on Zoom in this parody of the classic Broadway musical. The experience was so fun for the family that in response, family member Marnina, who is sheltering in Los Angeles, did her own version of "Far From the Home I Love," recreating it as "Far From the Home I Zoom."

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