Babyganics Releases New 'Perfectly Imperfect' Campaign to Give Parents the Support They Need

With hopes to debunk the ever-so-popular perfect parenting myth, Babyganics is releasing new products and a strong message.

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In a new campaign dedicated to products aiming to put parents at ease in terms of ingredients and lack of testing on animals, Babyganics is raising a toast to the perfectly imperfect parent in all of us.

The campaign, titled "Here's to Perfectly Imperfect Parenting," includes products with ingredients derived from plants, free of parabens, artificial fragrances, and phthalates. Those includes ones needed for bath time and in the kitchen, as well as sunscreen, repellents, and helping with hand hygiene.

The mission is to "address real-life experiences the brand continues to hear from parents," according to a press release. For example, a OnePoll Survey of 2,000 parents with kids ages 0-6 found two out of three parents feel they don't relate to parenting advertisements targeting them. And 62 percent of parents have felt pressure to live up to unrealistic expectations.

To kickoff this campaign, Babyganics felt best to do it with an apology—one where it "came clean" about the "toxic" ideals and expectations placed on parents to be perfect. Alluding to the fact that "it's the system that's broken—not you," the brand then promises to provide parents with the support they need.

Babyganics is trying to shake some rattles and bring about lasting change through several pledges available on its website. Pledges to invest in paid family leave and federally subsidized child care are ways that the brand is hoping to alleviate stress and increase well-being on the modern working parent, stating "you can't take care of others if you don't take care of you."

The brand has also partnered with organizations that share similar values. That includes The Conscious Kid, "an education, research, and policy organization" that advocates for equity, healthy racial identity, and hopes to disrupt racism.

Through this campaign, Babyganics is joining those who want to help parents combat critics who believe caregivers are supposed to have it all together. So raise your glasses, (or milk bottles), because here's to perfectly imperfect parenting!

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