Baby Shark's 'Hand Wash Challenge' Could Be the Key to Making Hygiene Fun for Kids

What parent couldn't use some backup when it comes to persuading kids to wash their hands right now? Pinkfong is here to help.

From Disco Baby Shark to Valentine's Day Baby Shark, Pinkfong has come out with a bevy of versions of their smash hit for kids. The latest is "Wash Your Hands With Baby Shark," which is undoubtedly timely. After all, what parent couldn't use some extra support encouraging their kids to bump up their personal hygiene in the wake of a global pandemic?

baby shark live
Courtesy Baby Shark Live

Just like all the other iterations before it, "Wash Your Hands With Baby Shark" or the "Baby Shark Hand Wash Challenge," is the same music and pattern we've come to know will get stuck in our heads—and kids will go wild for. But the song's lyrics revolve around expert-approved guidance, like "grab some soap" and "rub your hands," as well as "cover your sneeze," "cough into your elbow," and "let's stay healthy"—each followed by the song's signature "doo doo doo doo doo."

The video also features the shark family and humans washing their hands, underlining the fact that staying clean and keeping the novel coronavirus at bay is truly a universal effort.

In recent months, teachers have conducted intriguing classroom experiments to show kids how effective hand-washing can be. And a Vietnamese dancer created a TikTok dance challenge that has engaged tweens and teens. But when it comes to teaching little ones the best way to fend off germs and stay healthy, leave it to Baby Shark to come up with a surely effective PSA.

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