Mom Saves Drowning Child With CPR to the Tune of Baby Shark—and You Could Too

The popular kids' song is the perfect tempo and rhythm to perform CPR, and a great way for kids and adults to learn the lifesaving skill.

baby shark in front of pool scene
Photo illustration by Sarina Finkelstein; Getty Images (1); Alamy (1).

Florida mom Stephanie Uecker saved a drowning child, thanks to popular kids’ anthem “Baby Shark.”

The mom was alerted to the child in danger by one of the other kids at the party. She told WESH that she saw a dark shadow at the bottom of the pool and jumped in to pull the 4-year-old out. "I just dove and picked him up with my right arm, and swam as fast as I could," Uecker said.

She then did CPR on the boy, remembering that she’d heard the song was the right rhythm for the chest compressions. She said, "I just remembered, 'sing Baby Shark,' and I remember singing it out loud, thinking [the boy's mom] is going to think I'm nuts.”

The 4-year-old made a full recovery, thanks to Uecker’s fast action. But he’s not the first child to be saved by “Baby Shark.” The Red Cross recommends doing CPR using 100 chest compressions per minute, which is the same rhythm as a song that has 100 beats per minute. "Baby Shark" has 100 beats per minute (as does the old CPR standard "Staying Alive" by the Bee Gee's and Abba's "Dancing Queen"). In fact, the creators of the song put out a video explaining the process of CPR in terms kids can understand.

As for Uecker, she ended up being thankful for the infamous song playing on repeat at her house. "I hate that song," the mom told WESH. "My kids play it all the time." But "Baby Shark" on repeat can actually add to a household's safety. Added bonus, you'll never ever forget it.

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