'Ask Your Daddy' Trap Music Video Perfectly Illustrates All the Things Moms Are Expected to Do During This Pandemic

A Brooklyn mom named Alesa Andrew, aka "Mommy Trapper," just released an all too relatable track.

Alesa Andrew Ask Your Daddy
Photo: Alesa Andrew

When your big kid wants a sandwich and your little one needs a diaper change, chances are those tasks will fall to Mom—even if Dad is fully available. That's the reality a mom named Alesa Andrew aka "Mommy Trapper," paints in a new, all too relatable track—and accompanying music video—called "Ask Your Daddy."

The clip, which was shot and edited by Andrew's fiance, just debuted on YouTube, Instagram, Apple Music, Spotify, and Amazon Music and is quickly racking up views. In the just over two-minute video, the Brooklyn mom of a toddler and an elementary school-aged son raps about being on her way to therapy, on the phone, working from home, and wanting to take a nap yet being confronted by one domestic demand upon the next from having to deal with a dirty diaper to being asked to make a sandwich. She responds, "Go ask your daddy!" then admits she's feeling overwhelmed and needs some help. After all, her partner is just "playing games ... watching sports."

Andrew shares that her experience as a working mom during the pandemic inspired the video. "As a parent working from home, you have to get really creative on just how you do everything," she says. "It's overwhelming, and mothers want a break."

It's a concept that Andrew was relieved to explore through talk therapy, which many parents have found to be increasingly helpful—and available via video conferencing—during the pandemic. She began seeing her therapist following the birth of her toddler. "For me, it definitely helped talking to someone in order to navigate being at a home as a parent, both of us working from home, having a son doing school at home asking for snacks every hour, a new baby, and then coming back to work during the pandemic was tough too," she recalls.

Ultimately, Andrew aims to create a platform where fellow moms can be themselves and not feel guilty about hitting pause on homemaking in order to prioritize well-deserved me time. After all, the challenges of the pandemic have taught her to be real with herself and her family. "I've accepted the fact that I cannot do it all, and I'm not a superhuman," she says. "I am human."

She also hopes that "Ask Your Daddy" will inspire other moms to make their own rules, reject the idea of being the perfect parent, and not lose themselves in the midst of raising kids. In short, she's urging moms to embrace her lyrics: "Trap motherhood—don't let motherhood trap you."

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