The body positivity icon and expectant mom shared the beauty, workout, and self-care secrets she's embracing throughout her pregnancy.

By Maressa Brown
November 06, 2019

Since 2016, when she rocked the cover of Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue and basically became a household name, Ashley Graham has been one of the most beloved models and body positive role models around. Now, she and her husband Justin Ervin are expecting their first child, and Graham's pregnancy has ushered in a whole new era of body love and acceptance.

Here's how the mom-to-be has been switching up her self-care routine and her workouts, as well as her outlook on self-esteem.

Her Most Indulgent Form of Self-Care These Days

The model says she and Ervin recently took an amazing babymoon to Ventana Big Sur, California. "We stayed in the incredible spa suite, and even just rocking in the hammock overlooking the forest and the ocean was delightful," she notes. The couple found that the getaway was so restorative that they're planning part two already. "We enjoyed it so much that we’re taking another babymoon later this month to really cherish our one-on-one time together before the baby arrives," Graham says.

And when it comes to every day habits that keep her firing on all cylinders, the American Beauty Star host says she always remembers to bring two things with her at all times: water and a snack. The food she finds most satisfies her cravings at the moment? Organic cantaloupe.

What Motivates Her to Stick With Her Fitness Routine 

"It’s definitely tough, especially in the beginning when you’re dealing with discomfort from being newly pregnant— up until the end when your belly makes it difficult to even bend over!" Graham admits. "But I’m motivated to prioritize my wellness for the baby. There are many benefits to working out throughout pregnancy, especially in your third trimester, plus it builds up your strength for the childbirth."

The specific workout powering her through pregnancy is a leg and booty circuit she and her trainer Kira Stokes developed for her new YouTube fitness series “Thank Bod.” "Using resistance bands to ensure good form and stability, we do a mix of squat pulses—which I heard are great to prepare for giving birth—and air squats, tap-outs and side squats," Graham explains.

She also looks forward to her pre- and post-workout snack: a fresh smoothie made with OLLY protein powder. Graham shares, "The peanut butter powder with strawberries and almond milk is my favorite."

Her Favorite Pregnancy-Safe Beauty Secret  

As a model, Graham has worked with some of the world's top makeup artists, but as she prepares for the birth of her first L.O., she's actually been looking to her doula Latham Thomas, founder of Mama Glow, for beauty tips. "I'm obsessed with her beauty ritual collection," Graham says. "She created the Mama Glow + Good Medicine body creams and oils as a reminder that us moms can unapologetically choose ourselves first, and the products are safe for pregnant and nursing moms." Graham's fave product from the line: the Anointed / Love Butter ($18,, which she uses daily to reduce inflammation, hydrate, and boost collagen production.


Her Best Advice for Those Struggling With Self-Esteem Through Pregnancy

Graham acknowledges that we all have complicated relationships with our bodies, and when you're pregnant, you'll experience that relationship in a different light. She notes that her connection to her body has been changing in new and interesting ways.

"I admit that it hasn’t been easy embracing my pregnant body, but it has been a reminder of how awesome our bodies truly are," Graham shares. "My advice to other pregnant moms is to show gratitude to your body every day. Look in the mirror and say 'thank you!' especially on days when you need a confidence boost. Find support from the parenting community, who will help remind you of your strength and superpowers."