Amy Schumer Nails the Reality of Parenting in One Vulnerable Post

Parenting is a beautiful series of joys, challenges, and endless contradictions. The comedian captured it all in an Instagram post.

Amy Schumer
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It's hard to describe what it's like to be a parent. But actress and comedian Amy Schumer managed to do it in one short and unbelievably sweet Instagram post.

Schumer shared a photo of herself and toddler Gene, who was born in May 2019. The two are hanging out on what appears to be a gym floor, perhaps on a mommy-son playdate. There's a heart emoji over Gene's face to protect his privacy, and a heartfelt post to go along with the cute snap.

"Being his mom is heaven on earth and also means a constant feeling of guilt and vulnerability I will never get used to," Schumer wrote. "Your heart feels like it's outside your body, and you're too old to drink the feelings away like you used to when you were in love and scared."

This sentiment is so true—and always has been—but is especially poignant now as parents of young children try to balance risk with a desire to help their children develop.

Schumer ended her post with a plea.

"Send help," she wrote, and used numerous emojis, including a heart and the open-mouth vomiting face.

Schumer's post has received more than 230K likes and thousands of comments, including some from other famous folks.

"Amen," wrote actress America Ferrera.

"Omg it's how I feel every day I drop him off at preschool, @amyschumer," commented The Talk co-host and mom Amanda Kloots.

"It's beautiful and terrifying," replied Queer Eye's Tan France.

"There's no cure," admitted Emmy Award-winning actress Debra Messing.

Robin Arzon, a Peleton instructor, new mom, and author of Strong Mama, simply responded with the heart emoji. Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star Kathy Hilton did something similar, commenting with a pair of heart-eye emojis.

Parents without blue checks next to their names could also relate.

"It's the weirdest mix of wanting them to grow and thrive and live and travel and experience it all and yet at the exact same time wanting them to stay and be safe and watching them and protecting them from pain," wrote one person.

"Yep, you're vulnerable in ways never felt before," said another.

"You're constantly evaluating how old they are and how much you want to cherish this age and missing the age they were yesterday and fearing how fast they are growing up and needing you less," replied someone else.

It's safe to say parenting is beautiful and wonderful and sad and scary and so many other feelings in between.

And sometimes, it's even funny.

"It gets easier when they call you bruh instead of mommy," joked one poster.

Fair point.

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