After 10 Months in the NICU, This Baby Helped Her Dad Propose to Her Mom—and the Video Will Make You Cry

Cue the tears: This incredibly sweet video of a new dad taking an assist from his daughter to propose is so heartwarming.

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For Teon Kennedy and Martine Drouillard, early parenthood has not been easy. They welcomed their daughter, Morgan, in April of 2020—and Morgan has not yet left the NICU. As any NICU parent will tell you, it's an unbelievably painful thing when you're unable to bring your baby home. But Kennedy did something incredibly beautiful for his daughter's mom this Valentine's Day, and that undoubtedly brought the couple some well-deserved happiness.

According to a social media post from New York-Presbyterian Hospital, which is where Drouillard gave birth 10 months ago, the couple's best-laid plans were upended when Drouillard was diagnosed with preeclampsia and severe HELLP syndrome during her pregnancy. She gave birth to Morgan at just 25 weeks—which meant Kennedy was not able to propose to his girlfriend at her baby shower as planned.

Baby Morgan has had several procedures for her heart and lungs, so we imagine her father was so consumed by their baby's health, he put engagement plans on the back burner — but on Valentine's Day, ten months after welcoming their daughter, Kennedy proposed to Drouillard. And the video of the beautiful proposal? Well, it'll probably make you cry.

The father enlisted the help of the NICU staff (who have adorably nicknamed Morgan "queen of NICU"). They decorated a room, lined the hall leading up to it, and even read a letter Kennedy wrote for his bride-to-be. The sweetest part of all this? Morgan's role in the proposal: She wore a dress with the words "Mommy, will you marry Daddy?" written on it.

According to TODAY, a doctor asked Drouillard to come to the hospital for an important meeting—when she approached the room, she found a red carpet covered with rose petals. Because of COVID restrictions, the day of the proposal marked one of the only times the parents could visit their baby at the same time.

From the amazing effort Kennedy put into pulling off this proposal, to the hospital staff's incredible generosity in helping him bring this vision to life, to Drouillard's incredible reaction, to that precious little baby's role, everything about this is just so sweet.

"Before a baby comes, usually a mother gets so much love and attention. She didn't get any of that," Kennedy says in a video of the proposal. "Today was the day she was able to get all that she missed in the last 300 days."

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