The more the media depicts breastfeeding as NBD, the more normalized it becomes, and that's something to celebrate.

By Maressa Brown
October 16, 2019

More and more moms in the U.S. are breastfeeding, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). At the same time, it seems all too many nursing moms are shamed for feeding their little ones in public. For that reason, and the fact that we could always stand to further normalize breastfeeding/chestfeeding, it's heartening to see that so many companies are featuring mothers nursing their children in their ads.

Model Isabela Rangel Grutman poses for the launch of Pharrell Williams' Now Is Her Time Adidas line, a campaign aimed at female empowerment across the world through the power of representation and bold voices.
Courtesy of Adidas

After all, media absolutely influences how we see the world, and every time we see parents nursing their little ones in the media, the more normalized it becomes. Here, six ads featuring casual breastfeeding that deserve a round of applause.

1. Aldi

This Aldi spot, which hit YouTube last month, is about saving money on everyday household supplies, but just happens to feature a mom nursing her little one as she talks to her husband and the camera. It's portrayed as normal as her smiling or blinking her eyes—which is because it really is just that normal.

2. Sainsbury's

The second largest chain of supermarkets in the U.K. placed this print ad campaign featuring Stefani, a skateboarder, designer, and CEO, who just happens to be nursing her little one in the photograph. It's part of the brand's #TuWorkIt campaign, which features a cast of 14 real women who have all smashed through the glass ceiling in their career. In other words, it's inspiring all around.

3. Adidas

Isabela Grutman, wife of Miami hospitality entrepreneur David Grutman, was featured in this teaser for Pharrell Williams' Now Is Her Time Adidas line, a campaign aimed at female empowerment across the world through the power of representation and bold voices. And yeah, she's just casually breastfeeding her L.O. The caption touches on empowering her daughters but doesn't specifically call out the fact that she's nursing. She just is in the shot, and it's beautiful.

4. Gap

In February 2018, Gap debuted an ad campaign featuring model Adaora Akubilo nursing her son. The best part was that it happened organically, and the caption didn't even mention the fact that Akubilo was breastfeeding. She just happened to be when they did the shoot.

5. Gubernatorial campaign ads

Last year, Maryland Democratic gubernatorial candidate Krish Vignarajah and Wisconsin Democratic gubernatorial candidate Kelda Roys both casually breastfed in their political ads. An NPR story on the ads pointed out, "Breastfeeding may be as old as humanity, but doing so openly is rare in the world of political campaigns." These candidates proved it shouldn't be rare—and perhaps as a result of these spots, it won't be going forward.

6. Equinox

In 2016, Equinox launched an ad featuring Lydia Hearst wearing an evening gown while nursing two babies in a restaurant as part of its “Commit to Something” campaign. One Instagram user nailed the vibe of the ad by commenting, "Thank you for beautifully portraying the determination of every nursing momma in such an unapologetic way."

Whether the ads depict nursing in an unapologetic, chill, or stylish way, they're celebrating an activity that is 100% normal and part of everyday life for parents and their babies. And they're quietly, casually, but definitively empowering parents to keep going. For that reason, here's hoping more and more brands are inspired to get onboard.


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