The heartwarming clip shows the little boy consistently greeting his father with an excited "Daddy!" 

By Maressa Brown

June 20, 2019

Although school drop-off and pick-up can be a true headache for parents, there's nothing like being greeted excitedly by your L.O. A video going viral on Reddit illustrates that heartwarming moment to a T.

Shared on the Aww subreddit under the handle daisykeeks, the clip features a little boy running up to his dad at preschool pick-up—every day for one month.

The results? Adorable. Just watch:

    S​​​​​o sweet that no matter how many times the little boy saw his dad walk through the door, his excitement stayed off-the-charts as he shouted, “Daddy!”

    Since being posted on Wednesday, June 19, the post has wracked up 372 comments from Redditors whose hearts are bursting over the video's cuteness.

    Guyhabit wrote, "I used to pick up my nephew and niece at daycare and pre-school. The amount of excitement they have is so contagious, it's adorable. Also, I remember how the other kids would see me, and all of them would scream, 'DADDY!!!' Obviously, I wasn't their dad, but it still hit the feeling button."

    Another commenter Meretoni noted, "My 4-year-old still gets super excited when I pick her up from daycare. I hope it's the same when she starts school in a few months! It's the best feeling."

    A Redditor named CaptainSnazzypants shared his own experience with meeting his son at preschool, writing, "Yup, after a shitty day at work, going to pick up my son makes it all better. He’s so excited to see me and show me his artwork he did that day or tell me what he played with. It’s fantastic and I wouldn’t trade it for anything."

    The clip was bittersweet for some, like Redditor Bignatenz, who shared, "As a wannabe dad going through IVF, this is both beautiful and heartbreaking at the same time."

    It's clear the dad who recorded the video is grateful for the sweet bond he has with his son. Here's hoping it only continues to grow stronger. As a commenter named Disarrayinpdx shared, "My son is now 10, and he still acts like that when he sees me! Hopefully, this boy will give his father that much joy for many years to come!"



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