A mom from Florida calls her daughter "Sophie Shark," because "she is harsh with the ... ninny!"

By Maressa Brown
February 18, 2019
Iga Logan Photography

February 18, 2019

For plenty of mother out there, Baby Shark is far more than an overplayed kids' tune. It's a way of life when you're nursing a little biter. And one mom from Florida wants breastfeeding mamas whose kiddos bite to know they're not alone.

Ever since Kayla Seitz's 9-month-old daughter Sophie has started teething, her family has called the little girl "Sophie Shark," "because she is harsh with the ...ninny," Seitz told POPSUGAR. She decided to meet the challenge with humor: by taking "some cute photos to remind me how painful [it is] and to not have any more kids!"

Seitz hired Iga Logan Photography to take the photos, complete with a Kelli's Cakes Gone Wild cake shaped like a breast that Sophie got to dig into. It even had bloody red icing. Eek! This way, little Sophie could freely go against her mom's joking motto: "Don't bite the boob that feeds you." 

Check out a couple of the shots.

This funny mama most definitely deserves props for surviving nine months of breastfeeding little Sophie Shark. After all, breastfeeding is tough enough without adding shark-like behavior to the mix!


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