Parents of Twitter Share Refreshingly Unfiltered Photos of What Parenting Looks Like Right Now

One mom tweeted, asking parents to share honest depictions of parenthood in the moment, and Twitter more than delivered.

Messy Room
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Parenthood is messy. We all know it, but sometimes that little fact floats into the deep recesses of our brains, and we forget. To be fair, it's a little too easy to forget; even now, there are still people trolling around the internet who insist that a chicken nugget or a bit of dirt will lead children to a life of crime.

Thankfully, though, we have parents like Amanda starting threads like the one she did a few days ago. In it, she urges parents to post a photo of the room they're in at that very moment, and the result is a funny and relatable bonding sesh amongst hundreds of real parents.

First, there was Amanda herself:

Followed closely by someone who understands Pack 'N Plays, and their unused storage potential.

Money-saving tip: Instead of going to the Louvre, let your kids turn your actual house into a work of art. Sort of.

Is that what that's for??

Of course, in many cases, the causes of all the chaos (that would be kids) made an appearance.

And then there was this. Because of course there was.

It was also verified that treadmills are just another piece of furniture, that Christmas year-round is a thing, and that laundry is a photobombing menace.

In the end, though, it was clear that this was a place for vulnerability, honesty, and empathy— something many parents don't get to experience nearly enough.

If you take nothing else from this thread, take this: there are all kinds of parents out there, but they all deal with messes. Those messes are like work hazards for something that is, at once, the most harrowing and the most rewarding job you may ever have. Let this serve as proof that it's okay if everything in your life isn't in order. Just make sure you move that laundry to another chair once in awhile so it doesn't get moldy.

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