Similar to a liquor cabinet, this dad's smart storage creation for cannabis helps parents safely store their stash and keep their kids safe.

By Kristi Pahr
August 21, 2019
cannabis liquor cabinet
Credit: Courtesy Rob Rodney Bags

Gone are the days when buying cannabis meant making phone calls, waiting for sometimes days, and going somewhere potentially shady to make the transaction. It was all very cloak and dagger because it was always illegal.

But now that cannabis is legal in some form in the majority of U.S. states, it's coming out of the shadowy parking lot and into brightly lit dispensaries across the country. With increased visibility, comes increased usage, or at least more people are admitting they use cannabis than ever before, and the people who use it most might surprise you.

Recent data collected by Green Market Report and Brightfield Group show that two of the most prominent cannabis-using demographics are moms of young children and divorced fathers. According to the study, moms who consume are more likely to do so in small quantities, called micro-doses (which provide stress relief without inebriating effects), while divorced fathers tend to be everyday users who like to get high while doing house and yard work. A total of 41 percent of the subjects said they consumed cannabis daily.

Now, obviously, one thing these two groups have in common is that they have kids. And when there are kids running around the house, you can't leave weed laying on the coffee table or in a box on the bookshelf. So how can parents keep their cannabis safely away from their kids but still convenient and accessible?

One dad, Mark Frahm, came up with the a solution—the Rob Rodney Bag.

cannabis liquor cabinet

"Becoming a father was my inspiration for Rob Rodney bags," says Frahm. "As we began baby-proofing and thinking about the safety of our child, I realized that keeping cannabis in an unguarded shoebox in my closet was not going to cut it."

The Rob Rodney bag is a fully customizable cannabis leather storage bag designed to be stylish, practical, and safe. Each bag comes with airtight bamboo-lid jars to keep flowers fresh, magnetic inner bags to store vapes, edibles, or pipes, and an integrated combination lock to keep your stash safely away from curious kids.

Frahm recognizes the need for safe storage as well as increased transparency and conversation when it comes to cannabis and kids.

"For younger children, it's incredibly important to not just store cannabis out of reach but to have it securely locked up. Kids really will get into everything. For parents of older children, in the same way that we educate kids about alcohol, this generation is being exposed to a lot of messaging around marijuana usage. It's important to not just have it safely locked away but to have conversations with our kids about it. Educating them will help them make healthier and safer choices."

If you're a parent who has weed on hand, here are a few safety tips:

  • Use a lockable cabinet, safe, or stash box to protect your children from eating your cannabis flower, lotion, pills, and other products
  • Keep dispensary products in original childproof packaging
  • Label homemade product storage containers clearly with Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), Cannabidiol (CBD), or cannabis labels, even if just lotions, as children (or unknowing adults) can get into them.